Anyone else miss coffee shops? Wouldn’t mind warming up with a cappuccino by the fire in a Milo Baughman leather armchair right about now. Here’s a throwback to our first coffee shop project where our client wanted Art Deco, but minimalism. At first we thought those 2 things were at odds, but we took inspiration from Art Deco shapes, patterns, and materials to carve out a little coffee shop in front of a dermatology clinic in Brandon. We made custom fluted concrete tiles in both white and grey to clad the fireplace and coffee bar front. We planned out the fireplace tiles to be the perfect height of the fireplace unit, and the bar tiles are cast as the exact bar height to avoid seams in the wrong places. The floor is our custom pattern but made with a basic 2” square porcelain tile that you can find at Rona. The backsplash mosaic is Ming green marble run on a diamond pattern. Check our stories to see the before!!

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