Norwood bathroom

Second Floor Revisited

We gutted the second floor of this character home in Norwood, allowing us to design a new floor plan including a master bedroom with walk-in closet, a studio/guest room, and a large bathroom.  The original bathroom was one of the most awkward bathrooms we had ever seen.  With the door swinging into the already-tiny room, our clients had to fully enter the room and close the door just to get to the sink. The goal for the new space was to not only enlarge the bedrooms, but make the bathroom experience into an energizing yet relaxing daily ritual.  The bathroom needed a variety of textures and timeless elements to blend with the heritage of the existing home.  The design required thoughtful space planning and attention to detail, from conception to completion.


Before And Process

The entire second floor of this century old house needed reconfiguring and re-insulating.  There was significant space behind the knee walls that could be reclaimed to enlarge two bedrooms, a large bathroom, and a walk-in closet. The original bathroom was very tiny and awkward, and had been finished with cheap materials that needed replacing.  In order to achieve the new larger bathroom, and the new desired bedroom layout of the second floor, we had to gut the space and add structural support.  We found rot around some of the windows and replaced studs, and added insulation in all exterior walls.

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