“We bought a depressing house in a great neighbourhood, and trusted the Fireside team to make it all work out.  The transformation was incredible.  We went from a tired dark 1975 house to a bright modern open kitchen filled with sunlight.  The kitchen is a dream to cook and entertain in –and we are now the party house.”    -Jess and Matt


“Since we gutted a 100-year-old house, we found a lot of surprises during the reno.  Jaclyn and Adam were helpful and clear about our options and the related costs.  They were very communicative during the process so we didn’t have any big surprise costs after the project was done.  The whole Fireside team rose to all the challenges and adapted the design to become even better than we had imagined, and we know the structural problems hidden behind the walls have been addressed properly.”  – Linda H.


“[The renovation] has really has changed the enjoyment of our home so much. While we were nervous about the cost, we are now extremely happy with the results”.  – Sherri M.


“We love our new home addition — we can almost barely remember what it was like before — I look at the before photos and it’s shocking.  Adam and Jaclyn really considered our needs and all the different ways our family uses the new house.  It now connects us to our backyard and brings in a ton of light.”   – Sandra and Mike


“I found it really helpful to work with designers who know construction.  They re-engineered the structure of my house to come up with a design I never thought was possible. Thanks guys.”  – Richard M.


“Thanks Fireside team.  We now have a wonderful new custom home inside an old home.  It’s bright, functional and feels like us.”  – Danielle P.


“I told Jaclyn ‘I totally trust you’ and it’s amazing. She came up with something I would not have ever thought of.” – Lisa T.