About the Partners

Adam has 16 years of experience in design and construction.
His commitment to the holistic model of design-build is informed by his experience as a carpenter, an artist, a film-maker, and a writer. He continually seeks to create spaces that follow a narrative. Design is always about the people who use the space, and this humanistic approach drives him to understand and create successful projects from the big picture down to the smallest detail.

Jaclyn has been designing professionally since 2005 when she graduated with her bachelor’s degree from the faculty of Architecture at University of Manitoba. Along with design, she has extensive experience in project management, budgeting and job costing, construction scheduling, and quality control.

Fireside Design Build Inc. is a comprehensive design+build company based in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  We specialize in home renovation projects as well as commercial projects and new construction.  For more info on design-build for commercial projects, go here.  For residential, check this out. 


Q: Why Fireside – what is the significance of the name?

Adam: Throughout history, the fire side has always been the heart of the home, a place where people gather for comfort and sharing.  Our goal is to create spaces that also bring comfort and warmth to everyone who experiences them.

Q: What do you mean by “Design-Build”?

Jaclyn:   It means a lot of different things depending who you ask.  Often the term design-build is used by contractors who out-source the creative work to an independent designer.  We are adamant about having a more integrated approach.  Design is the first step of the process, but design must be informed by a solid construction knowledge and open dialogue with all tradespeople.  For designers to be the most creative, feasibility is key.  If a design is not buildable due to budget, structural requirements, or construction practicalities, then it simply won’t get built.

A: …Or it will get built and it will look nothing like the owners had hoped for!  We provide a comprehensive service where we handle the job from concept to completion. We include design drawings, engineering, permits, labour by our licensed tradespeople, all materials, and a two-year warranty on workmanship. It takes a lot of stress off our clients this way.

J: A strong construction knowledge allows the design to be pushed further while remaining grounded in reality.  In the same way, being invested in the design pushes us to achieve the highest level of craftsmanship.

Q: What’s your favorite type of project?

A: Any project where we get to design custom elements like lighting, seating, storage, and use conventional materials in a totally new application.  I love doing hospitality because of the unique challenges and how powerfully design can transform the user experience and bring people together.

J: Kitchen additions. They are the hardest, the most stressful and most involved.  I love how a successfully designed new kitchen transforms the lives of the homeowners – the kitchen gets used by the whole family several times a day and functionality is the most important in this room. You need a whole team of talented craftsmen and tradespeople to pull it off.  Additions also need a lot of extra care in the design details and construction logistics.  So that’s a fun challenge, to do it right and respect the existing building.

Q: Who inspires your work?

A: William Morris and the Arts & Crafts movement, and a lot of the architects from the mid-century modernism era.

J: The local artisans and craftsmen that we work with – there is such a wealth of creativity here in Manitoba.  And Christopher Alexander.  He really is timeless.

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