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The space was an empty shell. We had to rough-in the electrical and plumbing for exam rooms, washroom, and front bar area and have it all inspected before pouring the new concrete floor.  Together with our mechanical engineer, we designed the new mechanical system for the space, including appropriate heating, air conditioning, and fresh air intake.

The clinic and the retail area were large, but they still had to accommodate a lot of equipment, merchandise, and different functions.  We also wanted to take advantage of the high ceiling in the front retail space, through extra-tall built-in shelving, our main doorway with an added transom window (and custom neon signage), and dramatic ten foot black faux-leather curtains behind reception.

The retail space was designed to create a bold, layered, exciting experience for customers.  We wanted to appeal to children without feeling childish, and appeal to men without feeling too masculine.  Our design inspiration was drawn from old apothecaries, general stores, casual pubs, as well as the personalities of the two owners who would transform the space seasonally with their merchandising creativity.

By sectioning off the retail area into quadrants, we could focus on each distinct function while encouraging customers to flow between them.   The four quadrants are reception, waiting area, fitting desks/merchandise, and adjustment counter.  During a party, they become buffet counter, lounge, dance floor, and bar, respectively.


We created the custom houndstooth tiled floor out of 3×6 tiles in both black granite and polished carrera marble in a grout-less installation.  The houndstooth stone tiled floor delineates the quadrants in the space, and creates the higher-traffic “hallways” within an open-concept space.   To eliminate any tripping hazards, we built up the adjacent wood plank flooring to the same height for a flawless transition.




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