Our foraged berry and mushroom material palette was perfectly paired with the work by artist @mariaeppart whose abstract watercolours are painted with hand made inks from locally sourced pigments and plants. We love how the creative process for each piece begins way before the brush hits the canvas: “Bringing colour to life from these natural materials is a world unto itself; offering meaning and purpose to often discarded bits. Left behind berries and acorn caps. Stones and scrap metal washed up on shore. Stinging nettles at the end of season or charcoal left in a fire pit. Colour is the last gift nature has for us. Through a process of heat, pressure, grinding, sifting, drying, and a lot of chemistry, these colours come to life.” @mariaeppart Until we are able to meet again in this cozy space, check out @juneberrywpg for a pretty excellent weekend brunch to-go. Can recommend.

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