We often hear folks asking about what happened to our umbrella room at the @nonsuchbeer tap room. This design was always meant to be a temporary installation, and was around much longer than originally intended because guests loved it so much. In it’s still-too-brief tenure, the umbrella room was a setting for wedding photo shoots, a music video, and many many selfies while sipping some excellent Belgian-style craft beer on an average night. Our design inspiration came from the beer brand itself, minimal and elegant in black and gold. The idea of “protective space” has always been central to our design philosophy, and being covered by a cloud of golden glowing umbrella lights created a magical setting…. And very flattering lighting. Each lightbulb is coated in an opaque gold top, so when inverted like this, the light only travels up rather than down. As one of our rules of artificial lighting design dictates, more points of light at lower wattages yields better results. No glare, all glow. Photography by… – please let us know if this is your photo so we can properly credit you #beerstagram #nonsuchbeer #interiordesign #bardesign #taproomdesign #taproom #craftbrewery #ywg #mywinnipeg #tourismwinnipeg #gowpg #winnipegartist #winnipegfoodie #designbuild #lightingdesign #bespokelighting

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