Happy equinox! The light gets longer… Here’s a shot from the last equinox (Sept 22) at Jaclyn’s original 1920’s log cabin. Why do we nerd out about things like equinoxes and solar azimuths? It’s because natural light is so key to architecture. Whether we are doing a renovation, an addition, or a brand new home, we always do solar studies of how the light interacts with our design. In any project where openings are added or removed, this is an essential consideration. If we alter the floor plan, do we want to capture the morning sunlight and create a space to stop and rest there? Or maybe the long summer evening light filtered through the trees can be the best place to put the dinner table. Sometimes a small window, perfectly placed can be more alluring than a wall of glass. Sometimes a wall of glass facing true south can help heat our homes. While we often long to head closer to the equator, we are still so lucky to live at this latitude in Canada — we have this very dramatic sunlight that is always changing within quite a short time! As designers, it’s such a gift and an opportunity to use light as our medium and our muse. . . . #cabinlove #logcabinliving #logcabin #canada #victoriabeach #victoriabeachmb #savelakewinnipeg #lakewinnipeg #exploremanitoba #exploremb #cabinporn #cabingoals #cabindesign #cottagecore #canadiancottage #truenorth #winnipeglocal #winnipegnow #mywinnipeg

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